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- 7 days -


As part of the advanced training programme, the SPDL-scholarship holders visit vocational learning spaces on four days and take part in full-day excursions on three days. Here they gain insights in the vocational fields of action of geospatial technologies, national park management, biodiversity, ecology, education, and agricultural and forestry sciences in order to illustrate the practical relevance of these thematic fields and to establish contacts with representatives of vocational practice. Moreover, this allows the different natural and cultural environments of Germany to be experienced in a participant-activating manner.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants…

  • experience the practical fields of action of geospatial technologies;
  • engage in a subject-specific, content-related dialog with representatives of vocational practice;
  • know diverse structures and concepts as well as the legal guidelines of conservation areas, agricultural operations, and forestry operations in Germany;
  • know the autochthonous and allochthonous flora and fauna of Germany;
  • get to know Germany as a location for science;
  • become familiar with the structures in the urban and rural areas of Germany;
  • gain insights into German society and culture.

Specific visits

The following 1-day excursions will be organized:

  • Excursion: Senckenberg museum “world of biodiversity” and Frankfurt city tour
  • Excursion: Touring the Rhine Valley
  • Professional experience: Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE)
  • Professional experience: Visiting DAAD-Head Quarter in Bonn and half-day city tour Bonn.
  • Individual cultural experience: Exploring Germany, individual 1-day or 2-day city tour to a destination of choice
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