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Project 1: Geospatial Technologies

- 4 days | 16 semester hours -


Project 1 offers participants the opportunity to gain experience in handling GIS, remote sensing, GPS, and digital globes. Relevant techniques and methods for the generation, management, analysis, and communication of environmental and remote sensing data are applied in a practical manner in the context of case-based project work performed in small groups on the topic of “Biodiversity on the Island of Fogo”. The results are discussed in the final project presentation, which contains the results of the project work, and the use of geospatial technologies as a means to resolve spatial problems and answer spatial questions is critically assessed.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants…

  • are able to abstractly conceptualize a concrete spatial problem/question on the basis of data;
  • are able to research the necessary information and geodata for problem-solving and are able to prepare these for further processing (such as the homogenization of measured values, data transformation);
  • are able to independently carry out and document easy methodological work and the analysis steps for problem-solving (metadata);
  • are able to prepare recipient-oriented project work (map, text) and to present it in a recipient-oriented way (digitally, on paper);
  • are able to critically reflect on and evaluate the product of their project work in the context of the working process.
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