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Auxiliary tutorial 1: Story maps

- Self study tutorial related to Project 1: Geospatial technologies -


Auxiliary tutorial 1 introduces you to the concept of story maps. Story maps are web-based applications for realizing map-based storytelling by using different media artefacts (e.g. maps, images, text, video).

For presentation of your project work in Project 1: Geospatial technologies, you will use Story Maps and ArcGIS Online by ESRI. To familiarize you with these tools this tutorial offers first aspects of creating and maintaining own story maps.

The auxiliary tutorial uses “the eruption of the Pico Pequeno on Fogo, Cabo Verde in 2014” as an example. During the project work you have to create your own thematic data on the basis of the provided data sets.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants…

  • can describe the concept of story maps;
  • know how to use ArcGIS Online to create story maps;
  • are able to use story maps for presentation of their project work results.
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