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Project 2: Teaching Project

- 3 days | 20 semester hours -


In Project 2, the participants are creating open educational resources (OER). OER differ from other teaching and learning materials in that they can be openly shared and, in most cases, modified, remixed and (re-)published by the user for individual purposes. OER are associated with the idea of sharing knowledge and creativity for creating educational materials as a common practice of action. You will learn about the potential of OER for creating high-quality resources for your individual teaching (and learning) at your local university. We will discuss OER as a concept, the value of Creative Commons (CC), and the goal of empowering people through education. In the course of this project work, the participants apply the contents of the modules on geospatial technology and higher education didactics. Besides the OER development, there is a focus on continuously supporting and guiding the small groups within the scope of a peer-to-peer learning process.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants…

  • examine their own teaching and learning experiences by reflecting the of certain educational resources in their current study or lecturing
  • distinguish an OER from another resource by defining an OER in own words
  • identify the “5 Rs” that characterize a copy-right-free resource
  • search and use an OER by distinguishing between the different types of Creative Commons licences (CC)
  • are able to create and share an OER on the topic of geospatial technologies (designing, revising, remixing, co-creating)
  • are able to process and present the results of their project work in a recipient-oriented way
  • are able to critically reflect and evaluate the product of their project work in the context of the working process.
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