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Module 4: Higher Education Didactics

- 2 days | 8 semester hours -


The basics of pedagogical action in teaching are at the core of this module. These can be didactical actions such as the conditions for teaching/learning processes, aspects of recipient-oriented and action-oriented teaching, the individual role of a teacher, strategically planning courses on the basis of learning outcomes, and the design possibilities of activating forms of learning in large-group and small-group events.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants

  • know different didactic concepts and positions and have reflected upon these
  • have examined their own teaching and learning experiences and reflected on their role as a learner and a teacher at the university
  • know the basics of activating teaching
  • explain the concept of constructive alignment and describe intended learning outcomes for individual learning activities
  • are familiar with major and minor methods supporting the activating design of large-group and small-group events and lectures and have reflected upon these
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