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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ Section is structured along the consecutive phases of the application process.

A | Application process

Where can I find further information on the training programme (content, schedule, training location, travel etc.)?

I’m not sure whether my professional profile fits the offered GeoTraining summer school?

  • We are pleased to receive your application for the DAAD-funded four-week training programme in Germany, if you meet all of the requirements formulated here: Participants’ Profile.

What is the main focus of the offered training programme?

  • We offer a four week training programme on environmental and remote sensing data analysis via geospatial technologies in research and teaching, see Thematic Orientation. For detailed information on the training concept, the training elements, the syllabus and the learning contents please look at our Training Resource System.

Where can I find the training programme’s timeline?

Am I free to choose the proportion of the offered geospatial training components and contents of higher education didactics in respect to my own interests?

  • No, there is no possibility for you to choose only single Training Components by personal interest. The offered four-week training programme aims to merge three major learning areas: First, it will advance your technical-methodological skills in handling environmental and remote sensing data by employing geospatial technologies in the field of biodiversity, ecology and conservation. It also promotes relevant competencies in the areas of higher education didactics, academic communication, and professional practices, as well as providing support and guidance. Furthermore, it offers interdisciplinary competencies, such as working with complex knowledge, knowledge acquisition management, self-management, presentation of professional knowledge, academic writing in English, and the ability to work as part of international teams. For further explanations, please see Thematic Orientation.

How many training programmes can I apply for?

  • The DAAD has sent out five summer school announcements with different thematic orientation for scholarship holders in the SPDL programme. The summer schools are offered by five different universities in Germany. We suggest you to carefully read the different summer school announcements and then apply to the institution/s whose programme meets your requirements best. You are allowed to apply for two different summer schools but you can only participate in one.

Do I still have to be an active scholarship holder during the course of the summer school?

  • In order to apply, you have to be an active scholarship holder of the DAAD’s In-Country / In-Region scholarship programme, as of January 1st, 2024 (if your scholarship expires before or starts after that date, participation is not possible).

Do participation in the summer school and participation in the short-term research programme exclude each other?

  • Through the SPDL programme all scholarship holders have the opportunity to apply for and conduct a short-term research programme in Germany. The short-term research programme and the summer school do NOT exclude each other. The scholarship holders may as well participate in both in the course of one year. The two measures may also be connected time-wise, though they may not take place simultaneously. Please also note that applying for and attending one of the summer schools should not compromise your regular study programme commitments or duration. Attending a summer school will not be accepted as justification for extension of your current In Country/In Region scholarship.

Are there possibilities for grants for family and children, so that they can accompany me to the summer school?

  • No. There are no possibilities for grants for members of your family. The scholarship is too small for that and due to that visas for members of your family would be refused.

Which information is needed during the application process?

  • We have prepared an easy Online Application Portal leading you through the application procedure straightforwardly. Answer the questions presented there as briefly and as informative as possible. Please, avoid simply copying personal information or CVs from other application processes into the given form boxes. Please answer appropriately for the offered programme and abide exactly by the determined number of characters.

Where do I have to hand in my application documents?

  • Use our online platform Online Application Portal for your application. Here you will find all details concerning requirements for your application online. When handing in your documents please follow the procedure of the online application portal only. We do not need any documents sent via email for the application. If we have any further questions regarding your application we will get back to you. If you are accepted, we might ask you for further documents, e.g. certifications.

I cannot access the online application portal!

  • Any problems regarding accessing our online platform are probably caused by your local internet access. Please check the internet connection of your university and additionally check your browser settings. Please use the latest browser configuration available. We prefer using Google Chrome.

Is an extension of the application period beyond March 1st 2024 possible?

When and by whom will I receive the confirmation of my application?

  • All applications will be reviewed by the training committee until May 2024. After that, we will inform you immediately on your possible participation in our training programme via email. You then have time until May 2024 to confirm your participation. If we do not receive any answer from you by the due date, we will assign your training spot to another candidate without any further request. After that there will be no possibility for you anymore to be accepted subsequently.

I would like to participate in the training programme but cannot completely participate during the given period of time.

  • It is not possible to start the training programme late or to finish it early. Sudden unexpected private reasons can certainly always influence your travels, but we do not accept individual days of arrival or departure outside of the given duration of the stay presented in the context of the DAAD scholarship.

Which costs for the participation in the summer school are covered?

  • During the time of the training programme you will be a guest at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. The covered expenses can be found here: Funding.

B | After application

Where from will I receive the letter of invitation for the visa arrangement?

  • We will send you an official letter of invitation from our institution for your participation at our summer school. This paper might by helpful when you apply for your visa. The DAAD also informs your responsible embassy about your invitation to avoid problems with visa arrangements. If you encounter any problems during the application for your visa, please inform us, as well as the DAAD coordination staff as soon as possible. For further information please visit Visa Arrangements.

Do I need to book my flight?

  • No. We will book your flights to and from Germany, see Funding.

Do I need to find accommodation myself?

  • No. We book accommodation for you for the period of your stay in the course of the offered training programme, see Funding.

Do I need to take care of my own health insurance?

  • No. We organize health insurance as well as an accident and personal liability insurance for you for the period of your stay in Germany in the course of the offerend training programme, see Funding.

What should I do, if I will not be able to join the GeoTraining summer school 2024 because of any reasons, such as family incidents, illness, advanced pregnancy.

  • No matter for what reasons you are not able to attend the summer school, even though you have already been confirmed / you have already got your flight tickets, you are obliged to inform us immediately. In this case we need to cancel your booked flight tickets, and we may be able to assign your programme spot to other interested scholars. If you knowingly can not attend the summer school (for what reason may to come), and you do not inform us timely, you must pay the applicable cancellation by yourself.

C | Preparing for your stay

Where can I find information about Germany to prepare my travel?

  • If you would like to find out more about Germany, we recommend the DAAD portal Study & Research in Germany: Getting to know Germany.

How much money can I expect to spend on food in Germany?

  • Average prices for one lunch or one dinner in Germany range from three to six Euros in a takeaway or the university cafeteria and from about ten to twenty (or more) Euros in a restaurant. Check further prices online to get an impression about the living costs in Germany.

How will I cover my living costs in Germany during my stay?

  • In 2024 you will receive an appropriate amount of cash as a daily allowance for the entire time of the summer school when you arrive.
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