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Visa Arrangements

Participants coming to our GeoTraining programme in Frankfurt am Main will require a visa for Germany. You should contact the German consulate or embassy in your home country about the visa requirements, or visit the German Federal Foreign Office.

Note: In the visa application form, please clearly indicate/name your contact person of the DAAD (in your country and/or at the headquarter in Bonn) and his/her E-mail address.

If necessary, we will assist you with your visa application and, in cooperation with the DAAD, provide a visa support letter for you. We will contact you once you received an invitation to participate at the GeoTraining programme. It is important to note that, depending on the country, visa applications can take weeks or months to get an appointment and to process your visa. This means you are advised to begin the visa application process as early as possible after you will have received the official confirmation for participation at the GeoTraining programme. The visa needs to be emailed to us as soon as you will have obtained it.

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