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Online Application Portal

Before applying make sure that you fulfill the requirements (see Participants' Profile).

Following information are required during the application procedure:

  • DAAD reference number (“Kennziffer” or “PKZ” / Personal Identification Number)
  • Personal information
  • Academic information
  • Professional information
  • Information about English skills
  • Information about experiences with geospatial technologies (550 characters incl. blank spaces)
  • Research proposal (2200 characters incl. blank spaces)
  • Letter of motivation (550 characters incl. blank spaces)

Please take a look at our application form first and get an overview of the necessary information you have to provide during the online application.

We regard your adherence to the given number of characters within our online application form as one of your academic qualities. Please avoid copy & paste of prefabricated and extended CV phrases.

Applications must be submitted until March 1st, 2024.

Please click here to get to the official online application form

The Selection Committee composed of high profile Higher Education Management experts and staff of DAAD meets in April 2024.

The selected candidates will be informed by May 2024.

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