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W02-1: Explore the field data

Things you need for this worksheet

  • R — the interpreter can be installed on any operation system. For Linux, you should use the r-cran packages supplied for your Linux distribution. If you use Ubuntu, this is one of many starting points. If you use Windows, you could install R from the official CRAN web page.

  • R Studio — we recommend to use R Studio for (interactive) programming with R. You can download R Studio from the official web page.

Learning log assignments

:-\ Create a new dataframe which only contains the plots of the year 2015.

Do the following tasks with this subset:

:-\ Please create new variables, that represents the total vegetation cover of the plots

:-\ Please figure out the functions for some general descriptive statistics: mean, median, standard deviation, maximum and minimum. Let's try those on the total vegetation cover

:-\ Please visualize the vegetation cover using a boxplot

:-\ Please visualize the relation between elevation and vegetation cover. Is there a relationship?

:-\ Visualize the differences in vegetation cover for each land cover class

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