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During the time of the training programme, the participants will be guests of the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Following expenses will be covered:

  • Fee of the course: Course costs GeoTraining 5.500 EUR.
  • Travel costs: Flight to and from Germany (economy).
  • Allowance: Daily allowance for subsistence costs during the training programme (between 300-350 EUR).
  • Accommodation: Single-, double- or four-bedrooms in a student’s hostel during the training programme (around 700 EUR).
  • Meals: Breakfast an Dinner will be provided at the student’s hostel during the training programme.
  • Insurances: Emergency Health Insurance and Accident and Personal Liability Insurance during the training programme.
  • Excursion expenses: Entrance fees, accommodation and travel expenses are covered.

Expected co-funding: Participants or participants’ home institutions are expected to cover local transportation in their home countries, visa costs and possible additional per diems for the stay in Germany.

Further details on terms and conditions will be given to the admitted applicants together with the invitation letter.

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