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You can apply for the DAAD-funded four-week training programme in Germany, if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • you are a current scholarship holder of the DAAD In-Country/In-Region Programme and have a DAAD reference number (“Kennziffer” or “PKZ” / Personal Identification Number)
  • you are a MSc or PhD student from Africa, the Middle East Latin America, South-East Asia and South Asia
  • you have a focus on environmental, biodiversity, ecological, agricultural, forestry and/or conservation research
  • you are writing or planning to write a MSc or PhD thesis with a methodological focus on geospatial technologies, geostatistics and/or remote sensing
  • your academic interests correspond with the thematic orientation of the programme
  • you have active and excellent English language skills (speaking and writing)

Up to 30 participants will be selected. A gender balance is aimed, given that qualifications and other criteria are fulfilled. Also due to DAAD regularities, we would like to promote students from Sub-Saharan Africa which will be prioritized for half of the training scholarship vacancies.

Please also note that applying for and attending one of the summer schools should not compromise your regular study programme commitments or duration. Attending a summer school will not be accepted as justification for extension of your current In Country/In Region scholarship.

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