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-====== M01-1: Brief overview of story map applications ​====== +====== M01-1: Brief overview of story map immersive blocks ​====== 
-This material gives a brief overview of the applications ​currently available in ArcGIS ​Online ​for designing story maps, depending on the map’s purpose.+This material gives a brief overview of the immersive blocks ​currently available in ArcGIS ​StoryMap'​s block palette ​for designing story maps, depending on the map’s purpose. As ArcGIS StoryMap provides just one builder for all kinds of stories, you can combine all immersive blocks in the same StoryMap
-^ Type of Story Map ^ Features ^ +^ Type of StoryMap immersive block ^^ Features ^       
-Story Map Tour Useful for easy-to-make maps with little multimedia content; quick to produce; clear and presentation-like layout | +sidecar ​floating panel | Full-size, screen-filling content ​with rather short explanatory text, small-size media or map-actions in floating panels. You can resize and place the panel for each sidecar slide you add to your block to build a series ​of sequential sidecar slides. ​
-| Story Map Journal | More complex; allows for embedding all sorts of content including longer texts; more configuration options; ​ presentation-like workflow | +:::docked panel | Split-screen appearance with a scrolling sidepanel containing longer texts or all kinds of media including map actions ​and a media panel showcasting your main content. You can choose the location for your sidepanel (left/ right) only once for the whole series of slides. ​
-| Story Map Shortlist | Maps organized by tabs sorted according ​to points ​of interest; no pre-determined sequence ​+slideshow ​|| Presentation-style,​ full-screen slides containing images, videos or maps with lateral navigation and a resizeable and replaceable only-text box for each slide in the series. At time of writing embedding web-content ​is not possible, but should in the future. ​
-Story Map Countdown ​Maps of ranked and sequenced items; possible to combine different ​media and longer texts +guided-tour ​map focused | Tour of multiple places in sequential order but with interactive big-sized map allowing users to explore on their own. Text, images and videos (embeds are not provided by now) can be shown in a floating panel for each tour-stop, not changeable in size or place. ​
-Story Map Playlist ​Single ​maps that feature pop-up content; not suitable ​for multimedia ​content | +:::media focused | Tour of multiple places ​in sequential order but with interactive small-sized map allowing users to explore on their own. Text can be set underneath the map in a sidepanel on the left. Images and videos (embeds are not provided by now) can be shown in a big media panel for each stop of the tour. |
-Story Map Basic Single maps without a sequence or longer pieces ​of text; only markers ​with pop-up elements when clicked ​+
-Story Map CascadeModern presentation ​of pictures/​maps as texts are embedded ​in them; not suitable ​for very long text passages ​|+
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