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Project 2: Teaching Project

- 3 days | 12 semester hours -


In Project 2, the participants are asked to develop a “Five-Day-Summerschool” concept for their home university in small groups, based on the learning outcomes defined previously. In the course of this project work, the participants apply the content of the modules on higher education didactics, support and guidance and academic communication. Besides the development of the “Five-Day-Summerschool” concept, there is a focus on continuously supporting and guiding the small groups within the scope of a peer-to-peer process.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants…

  • are able to explain learning outcomes and develop adapted forms of teaching;
  • are able to plan and analyze a course based on learning outcomes;
  • are able to integrate activating methods and the service learning approach into planning a seminar concept;
  • are able to develop a seminar concept on the topic of geospatial technologies;
  • have expanded and applied their knowledge of professional guidance situations;
  • are able to process and present the results of their project work in a recipient-oriented way;
  • are able to critically reflect and evaluate the product of their project work in the context of the working process.
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