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Module 4: Higher Education Didactics

- 2 days | 8 semester hours -


The basics of didactic action in teaching are at the core of this module. These can be didactical actions such as the conditions for teaching/learning processes, aspects of recipient-oriented and action-oriented teaching, the individual role of a teacher, strategically planning courses on the basis of learning outcomes, and the design possibilities of activating forms of learning in large-group and small-group events. Additionally, the service-learning approach is introduced, which is based on making a contribution to society while learning in a subject-specific way and, at the same time, shaping one’s personality within the context of experience-based learning. Based on this, the citizen science approach, namely, the participation of citizens in the scientific process, is considered with respect to its potentials and limits in the context of academic communication.

Learning goals/outcomes

The participants…

  • know different didactic concepts and positions and have reflected upon these;
  • have examined their own teaching and learning experiences and reflected on their role as a learner and a teacher at the university;
  • know the basics of activating teaching;
  • are familiar with major and minor methods supporting the activating design of large-group and small-group events and lectures and have reflected upon these;
  • know the different forms and approaches of service learning;
  • have practiced different methods for reflecting upon experience-based learning.
  • have become familiar with and reflected upon the different forms and approaches of citizen science.
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